Mold Inspection

We offer the most accurate Mold Inspection Service possible. Anything from Infrared Scans to Lab tested results are what we offer. If you want accuracy, trust none other than our Certified team of Mold Inspection professionals.

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Mold Removal

Mold cleanup and removal is not as easy as busting out Clorox (which can cause Mold to come back 10 fold). We have Air Scrubbers on over to our team doing a complete strip out and restore.

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Water Damage Repair

Water damage can be tricky because it's time sensitive. Wait too long to get water removed and you can have serious problems like Mold to deal with. Our team has the resources to get rid of large amounts of water, quickly, including moisture in the air.

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Welcome to Mold Inspection TEAM

Thank You for checking out the website of Mold Inspection Team. We greatly appreciate your time!
To skip the sales stuff, lets move onto what you are most likely here for. Do you think you have Mold, or do you know you have Mold and are looking for a credible company to assist you in Mold Removal? Who knows, you may have Water Damage and want the problem resolved as soon as possible, to keep it from turning to Mold. Either way, Mold Inspection Team has the experience to take care of your problems, has the certifications that eases your worries of legitmacy, and has the protection, such as insurance, to resolve liability issues.

We are are a straight forward, and completely honor driven team of specialists that take you seriously, and do what it takes to make sure you and your family is safe. If you don't have a Mold problem then fantastic! We will let you know honestly and accuractly that you don't. It's not about money. Money comes in time and should only be awarded to those who are honorable, in our opinion.